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The first step of an effective termite control process is detecting the colonies within and around a property near Raleigh -  Cary NC. Termites tend to hide, so it is important to note ways of telling when termites are within and around a property. Most termite infestations require the service of termite removal companies. Early detection of termite infestation helps in preventing further damage to properties.
Termites live in colonies; termite exterminators aim to destroy all existing colonies and prevent the establishment of new ones. To increase the number of colonies, termites propagate in warmer temperatures and during rainfall. During spring, termites known as warmers disperse to form new colonies indoors and outdoors.

Swarmers that emerge from existing colonies pair and mate to begin new colonies. Termites are thus more noticed in homes during spring. A single termite seen within a home is a sign of trouble since it is most likely a swarmer hoping to start a new colony. Swarmers survive better outdoors than indoors. Although swarmers may not survive indoor, the presence of one indicates an existing colony within the home. Swarmers are attracted to light, and they could be found close to doors and windows. They are also wingless as they lose their wings when they fall to the ground to start new colonies.

Apart from swarmers seen indoors, mud tubes in support piers, foundation walls, and sill plates are indications of a termite infestation. As termites travel from their underground colonies to their source of food, they build mud tubes to provide shelter from the elements. Not all mud tubes are active. An active mud tube can be detected by breaking the tube and checking for worker termites which are usually white. Termites may abandon these tubes as they travel deeper into the structure. Hence an inactive mud tube does not mean that there are no termites within the property.

The emergence of winged termites from the foundation of a structure is also a sign of trouble. Termite exterminators examine areas surrounding the foundation wall for winged termites. These termites are usually part of a colony, and the services of a termite removal company should be to ensure effective termite control.
Signs of damage caused by termites is another way of detecting a termite infestation. This method of detection is not reliable as termite may destroy a structure from the inside without any outer sign of the damage. Wood damaged by termites are hollowed out in galleries with traces of mud around the galleries. Termite dropping can also be found around wood that is infested by termites.

The signs of a termite infestation are not very clear. They could be mistaken for damage caused by other pests and environmental factors. The services of a pest removal company may be needed to confirm a termite infestation. Experienced termite exterminators apply their skills and professional experience in detecting termite colonies.

It is important to store wood properly and dispose wood stumps around a property to reduce the hiding places of ants. Termite control processes also include regular inspection which can be carried out by property owners or experienced exterminators.

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