Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to Eliminate Roaches from Your Home

Roaches Are Hard to Get Rid of, Learn How to Exterminate Them

Roaches, specially German roaches can be very difficult to exterminate, there are some roaches like wood roaches that live outside, these roaches get inside your home by accident they prefer to live outdoors, eventually wood roaches will leave your home on their own, unless they find a water and food very easily.

A small roach problem can be controlled with over the counter treatments
Sometimes getting rid of roaches can be done with over the counter roach sprays or gels, if the roach infestation is not so bad, this treatment will work sometimes.

Make sure you do the following to effectively get rid of Cockroaches in your home
-Eliminate Water Leaks
-Dry your kitchen sink
-Empty Trash Can at Night

Eliminate Water Leaks

Roaches get thirsty too, they need water to survive, and they will usually live around where there is water to drink at night.

Dry your kitchen sink

Cockroaches love kitchen sinks with water in it, if you have roaches, visit your kitchen sink and you will notice how they will roam this area, that's because it will have food at the sink pluming and plenty of water for them to drink.

Empty Trash Can at Night

Roaches will visit your trashcan at night, it's like a buffet of all kinds of delicious food for them, sealing the trash bag at night and emptying it will make sure they don't feast all night long.

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